This map was made immediately after completing Rumble, for the Best Train Ride Contest at the Valve ERC.

Very much like Rumble, this is a small, novelty map satisfying the contest rules that is intended to entertain. Operation: Sandblast was also designed and built in 2 weeks, to make the contest deadline. There is no combat whatsoever in this map. So just sit back, keep an eye out for subtle details, and enjoy.

Please play with the Opposing Force CD in the drive for the intended experience.


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Obviously the main inspiration for the first part of Operation: Sandblast was Gearbox's masterful Opposing Force opening sequence. While examining what was necessary for them to pull off that opening, I gained a great deal of respect for the entity work and mapping tricks they used, and wanted to test my mettle in making a similar map. I originally envisioned this map as simply an alternate perspective to the Opposing Force osprey flight, which is why the events are very similar.

Thanks again to Jabyaeye for beta testing.


Download: - only for users of the Opposing Force version that was included with Blue Shift (so the correct CD track plays).
Filesize: 817 kb
Maps: 1
Type: Opposing Force Single Player
Original release: June 19, 2001
Installation: Copy pak1.pak to your Half-Life\gearbox directory. If there is already a pak1.pak there, you can rename my pak to pak2.pak, or a higher number if necessary, but it should be the highest consecutively numbered pak in the gearbox directory. Got that?

Type map sandblast at OpFor's console to begin.